Blast Freezers

For quick product freezing we design blast freezers for batch or continuous operation.

Batch freezers are made on a special chamber which consists of floor footed evaporators. Pallets or trolleys of product to be quickly frozen are thickly sited in front of the evaporator in rows. A special shelter is provided from the roof of the evaporator to the end of pallets row in order to restrain supplied air from returning to evaporator before passing from the last pallet. Chilled air of -30oC is directly blown into the product and returns above the shelter after passing through all the rows of pallets

Continuous freezers can be straight belt, multi-pass belt or spiral type.

Plate freezers are contact type quick freezers which achieve very quick and uniform product freezing.

For small size products freezing where there is the possibility these products to stick together IQF (Individual Quick Freezers) are the best solution.

Frigomech mainly provides the refrigeration system for quick freezers of any type. In customers wish we are able to provide the internal freezer mechanism by collaborating with reliable well-known manufacturers.

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